Fall Protection

Working in the electrical field, it’s important to understand your job as a contractor.  Though there are several considerations to keep in mind, understanding the imperative nature of fall prevention is key to success.

Humphrey & Associates understands the duty to have fall protection.  Fall protection is needed wherever there is an exposure to an employee to a fall six feet or greater or a fall from a lesser height if the exposure is to a hazard such as impalement or entanglement.  Ensuring the safety of employees, it’s important to have proper training to fully understanding how to keep safe when facing the risk of falling.

Contrary to popular belief, there is a hierarchy of fall control.  This process begins with engineering and administrative controls.  These factors should always be the first thought in fall prevention.  The use of a Personal Fall Arrest System should be your last choice.  Try guardrails and pre-planning before you use a harness for fall protection.  If you can work within the realms of the engineering and administrative controls, you will save yourself energy and safety concerns.

There are several fall prevention methods to be considered in the electrical industry.  An anchorage point is a point to which fall protection is anchored.  It must be capable of supporting 5000 pounds. The most common form of fall prevention is the guardrail system.  You may also implement warning lines or administrative controls such as fabricating work on the ground then raising it into place.

Through the hierarchy of fall control, it is crucial to take preventative measures.  Engineering and administrative controls should always be the first choice.  Although a very effective means of fall protection, using a fall arrest system should be your last choice.  Injury and other problems may still arise if a fall occurs in a fall arrest system.  The best way to deal with fall hazards is to eliminate the hazard.

Upon arrival at a jobsite, inspect the area for any dangers.  Look for electrical shorts, exposed wiring, broken lights, etc.  Once you are familiarized with your surroundings, you will have an easier time completing your tasks.  Always keep open eyes for electrical safety hazards.  Fall protection is imperative in the electrical field.

Prevent falls by taking precautionary measures.  This includes an equipment inspection.  Whatever type of fall protection you use be sure and inspect all of the components before each use and formally in your monthly tool inventory.  Take care of this equipment, your life depends on It.  When your equipment is safe for use on a jobsite, your work experience will run much smoother.  Don’t take risks when you are working in the electrical field.  Your job is serious and can have serious effects on you, your surrounds, and your customers.

At Team Humphreys, safety is of the utmost importance.  In an attempt to help you progress through your workout in an efficient and secure manner, fall protection and other safety tips should be strictly adhered to.  Stay safe and enjoy your job in the electrical industry.

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