Electrical Safety with Power Tools

Power tools are incredibly helpful, especially in the electrical industry.  When you are on a job site, it is crucial to maintain proper handling and use of power tools.  Here are several tips to keep you safe when working with power tools in the electrical field.

If you are looking to reduce injuries caused by electrical hazards associated with power tools, there are several preventative measures that can be taken.  It is important to use tools properly to ensure that you, your clients, and your workspace remain safe and secure.

Properly use your power tools when working on a jobsite in the electrical industry.  Never carry a tool by the cord or yank the cord to disconnect it from the receptacle.  Take your time with each project you complete.  Rushing can cause you to misuse your power tools, which can cause extreme danger to you and your surroundings.  Do not use electric tools in damp or wet locations unless they are approved for that purpose.  If you work in the electrical field, you know the hostile relationship between wetness and electricity.  Abide by all of the regulations when around water, water supplies, electrical wiring, etc.  Always use a GFCI or Assured Grounding.  This will protect your project and yourself.

Before each use, check your cord for cuts or exposed conductors.  A thorough inspection might be time consuming, but in the long run, it is safer and better for you.  Look at the casing of the tool for breaks that could expose electrical parts.  Never use a damaged power tool.

If you are not using a double insulated power tool there must be a ground prong at the end of the cord.  Regardless of what type of tool you are using, make sure it is plugged into a GFCI or are using Assured Grounding.  This regulation is extremely important.  Do not cut corners when working with power tools.  Follow all rules with precision to ensure that you remain safe.

When using a power tool you need to take certain precautions.  Keep cords away from heat, oil, and sharp edges.  Disconnect tools when not in use, before servicing, and when changing accessories such as blades, bits, etc.  Avoid accidental starting. Do not hold fingers on the switch button while carrying a plugged-in tool.  Store electric tools in a dry place.  Ensure that cords from electric tools do not present a tripping hazard.  Remove all damaged electric tools from the site and tag them: “Do Not Use.”

Removing the ground pin from a plug to fit an un-grounded outlet not only means your work area is unsafe, but makes the cord unfit for future work where there is grounding.  By looking for details in your work area, you can prevent immediate danger and future danger.

Electrical safety should be maintained throughout each facet of work, including setup, accessories, surroundings, and tear down.  Inspect your job site for potential hazards before beginning a project.  With a safe atmosphere, you can effectively complete your tasks.

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