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Similar to TEGG Service, Humphrey & Associates offers CurrentSAFE, an approach used in testing and maintaining electrical equipment. The focus of CurrentSAFE is residential structures. Providing customers with a safe and effective environment for the most efficient and reliable testing, CurrentSAFE is incredibly useful in determining potential electrical hazards that may exist.

H&A offers testing and diagnosing methods for all electrical problems in the home. Using special equipment, Humphrey & Associates is able to offer corrective actions to the home owner. Specifically trained and licensed electricians use their education to efficiently locate electrical problems through Thermographic, Ultrasonic, and other electrical testing without disturbing the home structure or décor.

With care and ease, electrical testing is quick and simple for the technicians of H&A. Ultrasound testing and infrared testing is used on each receptacle, switch, fixture connection, panel, etc., in the home for anomalies that may exist.

In addition to testing, Humphrey & Associates electricians verify the integrity of the wiring—without opening walls. This is accomplished through innovative technology that allows the technician to determine its condition. This service starts at the meter and ends at the last outlet.

The advantages to using the CurrentSAFE service is the addition electrical safety incurred. Reducing the risk of fire from exposed potential hazards, Humphrey & Associates make it their goal to keep residential structures and families safe as well as protecting expensive electronics from demise because of fault or contaminated power.

When looking for advanced methods of electrical testing and diagnosing service for the home, Humphrey & Associates offers the latest in innovation. CurrentSAFE ensures that families, homes, and possessions remain intact and secure throughout the entire electrical service process.

Once testing is complete, homeowners are given a thorough report detailing room by room testing results and the condition of each electrical item. In addition, the company also provides a professional recommendation for repairs along with pricing for the needed repairs.

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