Team Humphrey CurrentSafe

The CurrentSAFE program does for our Residential Customers what TEGG Service does for our Commercial & Industrial clients. It offers revolutionary methods of testing & diagnosing electrical problems in your home. With special equipment and the specifically trained technicians, who are licensed electricians, we can locate concealed electrical problems by providing Thermographic, Ultrasonic & other Electrical Testing without disturbing your structure or décor.

This unique CurrentSAFE process should ensure the electrical safety of a home along with reducing the risk of fire to that residence by exposing any potential hazards that can and should be corrected. The safety of families is paramount, but following that, the protection of expensive electronics from demise because of faulty or contaminated power should be a cost savings plus. Visit our website: for more information on CurrentSAFE and check out; the 5 Top Electrical Problems; the tips for Electrical Safety and The Home Safety Plan.

Team Humphrey CurrentSafe Team Humphrey CurrentSafe Team Humphrey CurrentSafe

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