Basic Electrical Safety

There are several basic electrical tips that keep you and your family safe and sound throughout each new home improvement.  When dealing with electrical issues, contact a profession from Humphrey & Associates and allow an expert to lend a helping hand.  For those working in the electrical industry, having a fundamental understanding of the basics will keep you safe and secure for helping each customers.

Because the electrical industry is filled with hot wires and dangerous equipment, it is important to take preventative measure to protect yourself, your surroundings, and, of course, your clients.  There are several injuries caused by electrical hazards on the jobsite.  From extension cords to power tools, make sure each jobsite you work on is safe and secure.

Extension cords are common electrical accessories that are used improperly.  When you use an extension cord on the jobsite, make sure it has a ground prong and is plugged into a GFCI, or use assured grounding.  Before each use inspect the cord, look for cuts and exposed conductors around the cord’s ends.  Never use a damaged Extension Cord.  If you see exposed wiring or other damage to an extension cord, avoid the handyman urge to fix it.  Once damaged, it is in the best interest of the client and yourself to get a new one.

Only a qualified electrician should attempt to repair or install electrical equipment.  Whether you are handling panels or plugs, contact an experienced, professional electrician from Humphrey & Associates to make any repairs necessary to your venue.  Look out for and do not use an electrical device that is missing its cover plate.  Do not overload plugs. Do not use a plug that has any burn marks on it.  Whether you are an expert or a homeowner, make sure to pay close attention to the state of your plugs and panels.

When working in the electrical industry, it is essential to inspect your power tool before each use.  Check if it has a ground prong or is double insulated and make sure the casing is not broken, exposing electrical parts.  Always use a GFCI.  Remember to unplug the tool when changing bits or blades.  In addition overhead lines should be monitored closely.  Be aware of the danger of any activity around power lines.  Take caution when using an extension ladder (especially an aluminum one) and when you use forklifts or cranes for moving material around power lines.

Temporary construction lighting is another aspect professionals in the electrical industry should be aware of.  Be cautious of missing lamp guards and broken lamps.  Broken lamps not only pose a cut hazard but pose an electrocution hazard as well.  Take care not to damage lighting, inadequate lighting can cause many related hazards including slip or trip hazards.

Understanding what to look for when working in the electrical industry saves you, as a professional, time and allows you to conduct business is a safe and secure manner.  Keep your clients safe by always looking at your surroundings.

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