About Team Humphrey

Humphrey & Associates is a construction contracting company operating primarily in the northeast section of Texas. Our company opened business operations in Dallas, Texas on April 1, 1977, as an Electrical Contractor servicing the Dallas/Ft. Worth construction markets. Since its beginning, our company has experienced a steady controlled growth. Our teamwork and involvement in the construction community has allowed us the opportunity to expand and diversify.

In April of 1981, fifty-percent of the common stock in the company, not held by Steve Humphrey, was acquired by the Humphrey & Associates Inc. Stock Ownership Plan and Trust. The employees of Humphrey & Associates (the Associates) own 50 percent of the stock in our company. After one year of service, all employees begin earning shares of stock in the company, thus becoming owners of Humphrey & Associates.

Humphrey & Associates currently has office locations and areas of operation in Dallas, Denton, Fort Worth, and Yantis (East Texas). Humphrey & Associates currently provides Electrical, Mechanical, Engineering/Design, Preventative/Proactive Maintenance, Lighting Management, and Personnel/Safety Management Services. Our industry focus covers commercial, industrial, manufacturing, institutional, healthcare and residential. Our team is capable of designing, building and maintaining the Electrical, HVAC and Plumbing systems in all of the current industry focuses.

We offer our talent and experience as a member of many construction teams. Our approach is to help our customer save time and money during the planning, construction, and ongoing maintenance phase of the project. Our staff has earned a valued reputation for delivering the highest quality workmanship on fast-track projects.

Humphrey & Associates continues to move forward with a solid foundation of core, culture and values; a clear mission of what we should accomplish and a plan for strategic growth.

Team Humphrey

Integrity and trust play an important part in this family owned and operated firm. H&A is a family-owned business, but it's not a small player. The Board of Directors/Management Team have been together for more than 25 years. The average tenure of their 350 teammates - "the Associates" - is 8 years... That's unique in the construction industry and translates to a highly qualified, responsible team.

Adding to their uniqueness, today they employ several second-generation members of long-employed families; staff satisfaction is translated into a reliable, highly skilled team. Other qualities that make them leaders in the electrical trade and qualified to meet your most difficult electrical tasks either in service calls or new construction.


In 1981, the corporation gifted half the stock to the employees through an employee stock ownership plan, truly making them the “associates” in the corporation.

Initially, H&A performed only electrical contracting and design projects in the Metroplex; in 1986 we opened a branch office in Mt. Pleasant. In 1995 a mechanical group was added, offering customers a complete MEP team package and later in the ’90s, a principal office in Fort Worth and another branch in Denton opened. With each added service, both in the past and future, our intent is to better serve our customer base.

H&A is a family-owned business, but it’s not a small player. The management team considers the core & current 310 “associates” to be its most valuable asset. The board of directors and a managing executive committee of seven vice presidents and branch managers have an average tenure of 25 years together, a highly unusual benefit in the construction industry. With an average employment of 8.5 years for the rest of the associates, and now employing several second-generation members of long-employed families, staff satisfaction is translated into a reliable, highly skilled team.

About H&A

  • Humphrey & Associates is a family owned business that has been in operation since 1977, but just because it is family owned doesn't mean it is a small player. More...

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